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 From Egypt to Manchester: Unravelling the John Rylands Papyr

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MensajeTema: From Egypt to Manchester: Unravelling the John Rylands Papyr   Sáb Jun 21, 2014 3:33 pm

From Egypt to Manchester: Unravelling the John Rylands Papyrus Collection

Convenor: Dr Roberta Mazza, Lecturer in Classics and Ancient History, John Rylands Research Institute Research Fellow

Christie Seminar Room, The John Rylands Library, Thursday, 4 – Saturday, 6 September 2014

Booking for this event is essential; reserve a place now via our Eventbrite page.

Directions to the event can also be found on the Eventbrite page, or on The John Rylands Library website.

To find out more about Manchester in general, see Visit Manchester's website.

In this page:
•4 September, Thursday afternoon
•5 September, Friday morning
•5 September, Friday afternoon
•6 September, Saturday morning
•6 September, Saturday afternoon

4 September, Thursday afternoon
Registration Open

Welcome and opening of the conference

Marco Perale (Oxford-Liverpool):
The Rylands Hexameter Adespota

Andrea Filoni (Milan):
P. Ryl. 24: an Exegetical Commentary on the Iliad?

Maria Chiara Scapaticcio (Naples-Paris):
Reading, Rereading and Annotating Cicero in the Eastern Roman Empire: towards a New Edition of P.Ryl. III 477

•3:30 -4:00
Coffee Break

Roberta Mazza (Manchester):
Unravelling the Rylands Papyri: Results of the Pilot Project

Caroline Checkley-Scott, T. Higson (Manchester):
Yes We Care - but We Can Help You too! The Work of the Collection Care Team in Supporting Papyrus Research

Carol Burrows, Jamie Robinson, Gwen Riley Jones (Manchester):
Imaging the John Rylands Papyri



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5 September, Friday morning
David Ratzan (New York):
"Under Contract" in Roman Egypt: P.Ryl. II 128 in Context

William Mundy (Manchester):
Whose Archive Is It, Anyway? The Rylands Petitions from Euhemeria and the Archephodos Archive

Coffee Break

Hannah Cotton (Jerusalem):
P.Ryl. 608 and 623: The Revolution in the Style of the Latin Letter of Recommendation

James Corke-Webster (Edinburgh):
From Paperwork to Persecution: the Rylands Decian Libelli in Context


Lunch Break

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5 September, Friday afternoon (venue: Historic Reading Room)
AnneMarie Luijendijk (Princeton):
Unravelling the Oldest Septuagint Manuscript (P.Ryl. III 458)

Brent Nongbri (Sydney):
Palaeography, Precision, and Publicity: Some Further Thoughts on P52

Coffee Break

Thomas Kraus (Neumarkt):
Small in Size, but Fabulous Artefacts: P.Ryl. III 463, P.Ryl. I 28 and Late Antique Miniature Books

Todd Hickey (Berkeley):
Grenfell, Kelsey, and the Dealers

Elizabeth Gow (Manchester):
Enriqueta Rylands: Private Collector of a Public Library

•5.00- 5.30


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6 September, Saturday morning
Joanne Marie Robinson (Manchester):
'I Have Made You My Wife': Family and Financial Implications of Demotic Marriage Settlements in the John Rylands Library

Luigi Prada (Oxford):
The Group of Early Demotic Servitude Contracts in the John Rylands Collection, or the Misfortunes of Peftuawykhons Son of Heribastet (P.Ryl.Dem. 3–7)

Coffee Break

Foy Scalf (Chicago):
Papyrus Rylands Hieratic 6: A Copy of the First and Second Books of Breathing

Campbell Price (Manchester):
Dedicating a Statue in Saite Egypt: Thoughts on P. Rylands IX 7, 17-19

Jeremy Pope (Williamsburg):
Historicity and Verisimilitude in Papyrus Rylands IX


•1:00 – 2:00
Lunch Break

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From Egypt to Manchester: Unravelling the John Rylands Papyr
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