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MensajeTema: Hetepheres   Dom Nov 16, 2014 12:27 am

Hetepheres, standing, wears a neck choker and a large necklace of alternating blue and white rows, as well as anklets, but she wears no bracelets. She has a yellow wig, curiously covered with cross-lines painted in red. It is generally accepted now that the yellow wig doesn't imply that the queen had blond hair, as Reisner had given in his hypothesis.
Another strange item is that Hetepheres wears a long white dress with unusually pointed shoulders, which from a distance it is possible to imagine that the queen holds two crossed nekhakha whips, but in fact she holds nothing in the two hands which she holds across her chest. It is actually a subtlety destined to represent a specific coat of a royal wife, placed over the dress, as seen, for example, on the statue of queen Khamerernebty, which is at the Cairo museum. It is not an unique case: in the G7140 mastaba of Khafkhufu I, his mother is represented with a pointed shoulder and also holds nothing in her hand (see simpson-XV)
Behind the queen's calves, kneels a small girl waving a fan with her right hand, whilst with her left hand she grasps her right shoulder
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