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 Reis Tallal el-Kereti (1st September 1953 - 20th March 2015)

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MensajeTema: Reis Tallal el-Kereti (1st September 1953 - 20th March 2015)   Mar Mar 24, 2015 10:15 am

Reis Tallal el-Kereti (1st September 1953 - 20th March 2015) died


At the age of almost 62 years, reis Muhammad Abduh el-Kereti, generally known as reis Tallal, has died due to a severe illness.

His name is inseparably connected with dozens of successful years of the Czech Egyptologists working in Egypt. He started to work with the then Czechoslovak archaeological mission at Abusir already as a young boy. Following the premature death of his father reis Abduh Muhammad el-Kereti in 1978, he became the chief foreman of workmen for the Czech archaeological mission for the next 35 years, until his retirement. He has been excellently skilled and prepared for such a task, as already his father, his grandfather and several uncles as well, have counted among the most efficient and experienced reisin working for not only the Egyptian antiquities service, but also for a number of foreign missions excavating at dozens of important sites throughout Egypt.

The most outstanding results of Czech archeological work at Abusir are connected with the name of reis Tallal, among them the unearthing of the unfinished pyramid complex of King Raneferef of mid-Dynasty 5, where a unique papyrus archive had been found, or the work in the three lesser pyramid complexes of Dynasty 5 queens or in dozens of mastabas where important dignitaries of that time had been buried. Without his efforts and skill, the group of the mid-First Millennium large shaft tombs could not have been excavated, among them the tomb of priest Iufaa with his intact burial chamber.

After the death of reis Tallal, preceded by his younger brother reis Ahmad Abduh almost exactly two years earlier, Egypt will never be the same country for us. Although he is no longer with us, he will stay in our hearts and memories forever. May our Lord bless him.
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Reis Tallal el-Kereti (1st September 1953 - 20th March 2015)
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