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MensajeTema: Nauny   Lun Mayo 09, 2016 12:18 am


Nauny or Nany (earlier reading: Entiuny) was an ancient Egyptian princess during the Twenty-first dynasty, probably a daughter of High Priest, later Pharaoh Pinedjem I. The name of her mother, Tentnabekhenu is known only from Nauny's funerary papyrus.[1]

Her titles, known from her tomb are King's Daughter of His Body, Singer of Amun, Lady of the House. She is likely to have been Pinedjem's daughter because she was buried at Deir el-Bahri, a popular burial place for the royal family of this period, close to Bab el-Gasus, which was also a popular burial place, for priests; also, Pinedjem's daughter Henuttawy and his probable daughter-in-law Djedmutesankh were buried nearby and Henuttawy's mummy and coffins show similarities with those of Nauny.[2]

The mummy was unwrapped by Winlock and examined by Winlock and Derry in 1929 or 1930. Nauny was short (about 145 cm) and fat, similarly to two other children of Pinedjem, Henuttawy and High Priest Masaharta. She was about 70 years old at death.[2]

Theban Tomb TT358, where she was buried, belonged originally to an early 18th dynasty queen, Ahmose-Meritamen, the sister-wife of Amenhotep I.[1] The tomb was restored in Pinedjem's 19th regnal year and was used for Nauny's burial later; according to Winlock, a generation later, because those responsible for Nauny's burial did not know the original plan of the tomb.[2]

Nauny's sycamore coffins were originally made for her mother. Among the objects in her tomb 392 ushabtis (in seven boxes), a scarab amulet, an Osiris statue and a copy of the Book of the Dead (within the hollowed statue) were found.[2]


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2.^ Jump up to: a b c d Princess Nany
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MensajeTema: Re: Nauny   Vie Mayo 13, 2016 1:12 am

gracias por la información
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MensajeTema: Re: Nauny   Jue Mayo 19, 2016 9:25 am

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MensajeTema: Re: Nauny   Miér Ago 17, 2016 1:46 am

King's Daughter of an unspecified king, though Winlock theorizes from circumstances that this king was Pinudjem I.  This is generally accepted in current literature.

-Bab-el-Gussus, a nearby catacomb contained the burials of many of Pinudjem's relatives among the priests of Amun buried there during the 21st dynasty.
(Winlock 1973, p54)

-Princess Henuttawy and Princess Djedmutesankh, whom we know are daughters of this king were also buried nearby.
-Her coffins are of a similar style to those of Henuttawy who was also quite elderly at her death.
(Winlock 1930, p20)
-The tomb in which Nany is buried was restored in the lifetime of Pinudjem I (Year 19). Winlock theorizes that workers in the necropolis would have known about it second hand at the time of Nany's death decades later.
-Winlock draws comparisons between her physique and that of Henuttawy.
(Winlock, 1930, p20)

Her mother was a a lady of the house and Chantress of Amun named Tentnabekhenu

-Nany's name and titles are painted over this lady's similar titles on Nany's inner and outer coffins, although not very    thoroughly; Chantress of Amun and Mistress of the House Tentnabekhenu's titles and name still remain in places.
   (Winlock 1973, p81)
-The Osiris Statue found in her burial equipment names her as the daughter of this lady. (Winlock 1973,p82)
-Nany's burial equipment serves as the only reference we have to this lady. She is otherwise undocumented.

Nany's titles are similar to her mother's. She's mistress of the house and a Chantress of Amun, as well as a King's Daughter. (There is no evidence that Tentnabekhenu was a King's Daughter).
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MensajeTema: Re: Nauny   Hoy a las 3:42 am

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