Historia del Egipto Faraónico
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First are a group of four chantresses, resting on their heels, facing each other in pairs and gesturing with their hands. Between them, the text states: "Opened are the double doors, so that the god Emoticono smile(= Amenhotep III) can pass, purified". Next there are two musicians, who both play long flute-like instruments. These are followed by another chantress, who holds her right hand to her ear, possibly to hear the sound of her own voice better (view sb_5001). Behind her is another flutist. Then there are two standing dancers, the first waving an object, the exact nature of which is unclear, the second seems to beat her chest with her hands (view ag_06). Some of the women, for some unknown reason, have no engraving to the hairstyle, thus leaving it smooth.
Next is another group of four kneeling chantresses clapping their hands and exclaiming: "Clap, clap! Sing and clap your hands. Be flooded with joy (or in more modern parlance,'let yourself go!')".
Above of the musicians, a long text is addressed to Hathor:
"Pray, be jubilant for The Gold (here meaning 'Hathor'), and good pleasure for the Lady of the Two Lands (an epithet of Hathor), so that she may cause Neb-maat-Ra (Amenhotep III), to be given life, to be enduring. Come, appear! Come that I can make you make festival at the twilight, and of music in the evening! O Hathor, you are exalted in the hair of Ra, in the hair of Ra (note that this is repeated. It is an allusion to the uraeus on his the forehead, or to the udjat-eye, both of which can be personified by the goddess), because the sky has been given you, the deep night and the stars. Great is her majesty when she is appeased.
Adoration of The Gold when she shines forth in the sky. To you belongs everything in the sky while Re is in it, and to you belongs everything in the earth while Geb (god of the earth) is in it. There is no god who does what you dislike, when you appear in glory.
Proceed, 0 Majesty, to the place which you desire. She has no place [...] wrath. 0 my mistress, come and protect King Neb-maat-Ra, given life. Make him healthy on the left side of the sky (figuratively speaking, the east) so that he is happy, prospering, and in health, in the horizon.
All men appease her while there is The Gold. If [you] desire that he live, cause him to live during millions of years unceasingly. Pray, would that this may be protection".
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MensajeTema: Re: cantoras   Sáb Ago 05, 2017 12:31 am

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